Better Hearing, Better Life



A few words from friends...

Service, and the product that I have is the absolute best. The office staff is very personable and very into taking care of you. I can walk into the office at any time to get something taken care of. They are very people oriented.

Mary W

I liked the knowledge that Eric had. He seemed to have the technical 'know how', and he was willing to look into another option that would work for us.

Constance V.

I would give them a '12'. Everything is just so good. If I have a problem, I call them and just go in. It gets taken care of immediately.

David B.

After having sought out your services for my father, I was so pleased I decided to try again. That was one of the best decisions I've made in recent years. I can now hear so much of what I've been missing all these years. I can't begin to tell you how much my life has changed... Soon my wife will be coming to see you.

Mr. Steven L. Shepherd, Fairfield, CA

Life to me is more challenging, knowing that even with my hearing problem I can also enjoy everything as others do... So many things we take for granted in life, but hearing is such a beautiful thing, and that gives me such a good peace of mind... I want to thank Eric and his wonderful staff for being so helpful and encouraging.

Mrs. Donna Kelly, Vacaville, CA

They are very professional.

Alma S.

I like Mr. Stratton's patience.

Bruce B.

The way they worked to try and help me out.

David T.

They were friendly, thorough, and they explained things. I was pleased with the way they handled everything.

Donna B.

They were friendly, pleasant, and willing to answer all sorts of foolish questions.

Frances T.

He is very thorough, and the office has a nice atmosphere. He's a very friendly guy.

Ken T.

They seemed concerned, and they were pretty professional.

Lyle W.

The way Eric conducts business and what he does for his customers, for instance, I had a problem with my hearing aid and couldn't get to the office, so he offered to bring all of his equipment to my home and check it for me. He's outstanding. That was over and above. No one makes house calls these days.

Mardi R.

Eric was just very, very nice.

Mary Y.

They are friendly, and they get things taken care of.

Ned K.

I guess their honesty, thoroughness, willingness to help, and they seem to be very caring people. They know what they are doing.

Patricia F.

They are very friendly, competent, and I've always been satisfied with the results.

Patricia M.

They are friendly. They do the job quickly. Eric and his front person are personable and nice to be with.

William D.

They were friendly. When we had a problem, they took care of it right away.

Zane G.

They are nice and helpful. He seems professional, and he knows what he's doing. It's a good office. The girl in front couldn't be more helpful.

Betty B.

They are very thorough and detailed. If I have a problem, I can just drop in, and they will take care of it.

Don G.

Even though I felt my hearing was okay, once I got the right hearing aid, it has been an improvement. The receptionist is fantastic. If I need a tip or a little help, I can just go in and she will help me.

Jacque S.

They were very efficient. When I went in, he took the time to go over everything. I thought that was very nice. I'm in sales, so I appreciated that he took the time and wasn't rushed.

Patti W.

I was just satisfied with the whole routine. I thought Debbie and Eric were just wonderful.

Renee H.

Everything was just great. They were friendly. I liked going there.

Robert C.

The service is great. Eric really listens to me.

Tom M.

I like Eric. The office is fantastic. The lady in the office deserves 99% of the credit. When we went to Florida last year, my husband forgot to bring his hearing aid box with the spare battery. We needed another battery, so we called the office, and she was able to mail us one. She is fantastic.

Bill O.

They are very friendly. Whenever I need batteries, I don't have to go in. They mail them to me. They were very patient and understanding. They didn't complain when I missed an appointment. They are very patient. They make follow-up calls, and they send appointment reminders. They are helpful and accommodating. The told us about and ordered for us a free phone that has volume adjustment. We wouldn't have even known about it if they hadn't told us. They have an insurance plan. When my mom lost her $6,000 hearing aids, it only cost $900 to replace them. Eric, his receptionist, and his wife are all very nice. The office has a family feeling, without the negative aspects of a 'Mom and Pop' business. They are professional.

Eleanor S.