Better Hearing, Better Life


In-Office Services for Out-of-Warranty Hearing Aids

  • Adjustments/Programming for hearing aids purchased from us:  $89 per instrument
  • Adjustments/Programming for hearing aids purchased elsewhere:  $149 per instrument
  • Check and clean hearing aids $20 for one hearing aid, $35 for two
  • Re-tube earmolds $15 per instrument
  • Ear impressions for use with outside vendor $25 per ear
  • Battery door replacement $20 per instrument (some models cannot be serviced in the office)

Hearing Aid Pricing

We are a "multi-line" office and provide hearing aids from all major labs.  Our catalog has over 3,500 models, prices range from $1,000 to $3,500 each.  We use a "patient centered" approach to recommend the best hearing aids for your particular needs.

  • Custom earmolds $75-125 each
  • Custom earplugs $95 pair
  • Custom swim plugs $89 pair
  • Custom Musician Molds with one set of attenuators $149 pair

Most hearing aid purchases include:

  • Real Ear Measurement fitting verification
  • 75 day trial and money back guarantee
  • 75 day exchange period
  • 3 year manufacturer repair warranty
  • 3 year Loss and Damage coverage

($350 co-pay due in event of hearing aid replacement)

  • 3 years office visits
  • 3 years batteries
  • No additional dispensing fees
  • No re-stocking fees
  • No hidden costs