Better Hearing, Better Life

Mobile Services

Community Outreach Services

Advanced Instruments staff make regularly scheduled visits to many residential communities, including:

  • Paradise Valley Estates in Fairfield
  • Emeritus in Vacaville, Fairfield and Sonoma
  • Vintage House in Sonoma
  • Cornerstone in Vacaville
  • Paramount in Vacaville
  • Windsor House in Vacaville
  • Trilogy in Rio Vista

At these visits hearing aids can be checked and cleaned, ears looked at, questions answered, batteries provided. Complimentary hearing screenings are also offered. We provide these services for all the residents, not just people who got their hearing aids from us.

Home Visits

It is very rare to find Hearing Care Professionals that will do home visits. We provide this service.

For home visits we can offer:

  • Hearing consultations and tests
  • Ordering and providing hearing aids
  • Repairing and adjusting hearing aids